Quotes of the day

Have been up working from the early hours and found these quotes which provide food for thought.

six-year-oldteachers who love teaching


and finally …



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Gabriela Mistral was born today

The Chilean author, diplomat, educator and feminist was born on this day in 1889.



children in a circle shapeimage_1You can find the translation into English on:


So get your children in a circle to sing the song and celebrate Gabriela’s life!


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Is it now safe to use Sparklebox again?

I have had many emails from teachers asking whether it is alright to use Sparklebox again.

I would say NO as it seems the owner still gets money every time we click on the website, so considering his history, I will not be funding his lifestyle. I destroyed all my materials I made from the website years ago and will not be going there again.

The only thing I can recommend are other sites:


For more free materials for work on phonics, go to:


Check out my post from a few years ago:


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Brain Breaks

With all my research into the brain and how it works in class I have been investigating the need for regular brain breaks. There is a great website with many links for brain breaks called:


You can join for free and get lots of ideas to use in your classes.

I also use a lot of songs by the Learning Station:


They are well worth paying for but preview the songs on Youtube.

Two of the children’s favourites are Body Boogie

and Get funky

Some teachers are a little worried about brain breaks as they think the children may get out of control.

Check out Bevin Reinen’s video on Youtube for some ideas to keep the children focused:




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Thought for the day

Children are not a distraction

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Something for the start of term

School starts for many of us next week both teachers and children!

Have a little laugh with this little chap!



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Changing Paradigms

Making a difference in education logo

Those of you that follow my blog will know that I am a fan of Ken Robinson and this video will delight you if you like him as much as I do.


If you are on hoilday from school but planning for the new academic year, this will give you food for thought.


creativity is contagious



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