Super Surprise 1 to 6

I am really pleased to announce that Super Surprise, the International version of Surprise, which I wrote with my friend and colleague, Sue Mohamed, is now available.   Super Surprise embodies more than 50 years combined experience of teaching children.

This is what says about Super Surprise:

“With its imaginative ‘Surprise’ concept, exciting stories and interesting topics, Super Surprise will captivate your class. New language and activities are introduced through an exciting ‘surprise’. In levels 1 and 2 the ‘surprise’ is a package from Uncle Harry containing an interesting object and a story. In levels 3 and 4 the object and story are discovered in a mysterious chest in the attic, and in levels 5 and 6 they are delivered through emails from all around the world. As your students mature, so does the surprise, which guarantees that they will be engaged and motivated in every lesson. There are six beautifully illustrated stories in each level, from a wide range of genres, and every story has been carefully selected to appeal to the imagination and interests of your students. Super Surprise makes it easy for you to bring the exciting stories to life. It offers you a rich variety of resources for story telling including stunning story posters and a fully dramatised audio CD, interactive story books on the iTools and MultiROM, and helpful suggestions for mimes and gestures in the Teacher’s Book. The cross-curricular lessons and factual texts introduce students to interesting real-world information which gets them thinking about new topics in English, while the fun dialogues encourage communication in the classroom.”

You can listen to the stories, songs and try out other course activities on the Surprise Website:


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  1. 1

    Patti said,

    Congratulations, Vanessa, on another excellent project completed.

  2. 2

    Paula Vargas said,

    I got a sample of your book in a local bookstore to see the options I have to teach my kids, I’m an english teacher in Chile, I have to say that are really good and funny for kids…I pick it year I’ll work with them..I didn’t know this blog, I think that maybe it could be good for you to have a kind of feedback on it…what do u say?????
    Regards from Chile 🙂

    • 3

      Many thanks Paula for your comments. I hope you really like using the book and feel free to send messages whenever you like. Be sure to get in touch with OUP Chile or Books and Bits, so they can show you all the materials. Take care. Vanessa

  3. 4

    Rocío Arcos López said,

    Thanks Vanessa for doing such an incredible job.
    I am from Chile and I am starting to use Super Surprise, and it is really surprising, for children and for us, teachers.

  4. 5

    Thanks for your very positive feedback, Rocio. I really hope you and your students continue to enjoy Super Surprise. I hope to go back to Chile soon.
    Warm wishes

  5. 6

    Paula Vargas said,

    Hello Vanessa…I’m teaching with your books, children love them very much..they are very interesnting and understandable for them, colors and shapes are what they like the most 🙂
    Thanks for such wonderful books 🙂

    • 7

      Hi Paula, Many thanks for your feedback. It always makes me really happy to hear that both the children and their teachers are enjoying the books. A great deal of time and effort go into the books but hearing such positive feedback makes everything worthwhile. I will try and add some Super Surprise entries to my blog as most of them are general at the moment. Warm wishes Vanessa

  6. 8

    EJDER KAYA said,

    Hİ Congrutulations on the super surprise series. I have begun to teach the first book and so far finished the first two units the children feel excited and like all digital segments the colors on video are great but ı have to admit that it is really different and difficult to teach with it when compared to traditional ones. the book has more than others. ıt uses the diognastic talents and enables long term permanent learning of words and phrases. ı liked that style will probobly finish all series.. thanks..

  7. 10

    Sandra said,

    I have been working with surprise 1, 2, 3, 4 and now with surprise 5. But I don´t understand the relation between super surprise 5 and surprise 5, I don´t have the teacher manual to read it yet. So I´m confused about how to work with them.

    • 11

      Hi Sandra,
      Where are you based, here in Spain? Super Surprise is the International version of Surprise. Sorry if this confused you. The thing is that the blog is World Wide so I have to put the International version on it. Once you have your TB of Surprise 5, everything should be clearer but if you have any questions, just email.
      Have a good summer.

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