Fischer International Conference Romania 2010

 I just wanted to say thank you to Fischer International – for inviting me to speak at their conference this year. 

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the two days.  A big thankyou to those that attended my workshop “Music makes the world go round”  and for having participated so wholeheartedly in the activities.

Here’s everyone doing the Verb Rap Song from:  

For those of you that attended the conference and wanted to make the Lulu apron, here is a photo.

All you need is some turquoise felt, a small piece of pink felt, some fabric glue and some fabric markers.

Cut out two identical outlines of Lulu the kangaroo.  Make a slit in one of them at ‘pouch’ height.  Now glue the two pieces of felt together making sure you leave a space below the slit, large enough for your flashcards. You could even sew the pouch shape to make the pocket more durable.  Finally, glue some pink felt in Lulu’s ears and for her mouth.  Draw in her features with a fabric marker.  You can sew the ribbons to make the apron or if you don’t like sewing, you can staple them in place. 

Thanks again to Fischer International for looking after me so well.


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  1. 1

    Conchi said,

    Hola Vanessa!
    Qué guapa estás en esta foto con el canguro. Ya veo que nos para.
    Ya me he apuntado en el curso. Besitos

  2. 2

    ¡Estupendo!Tengo muchas ganas de veros de nuevo. Tengo muchas cositas nuevas preparadas para este curso. Besitos

  3. 3

    Mark said,

    Hey there, thanks for using the Verb Rap Song by Have Fun Teaching in your presentation! I’m glad the teachers liked it.

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