Christmas 2010

With Halloween not long over, many of us are now planning for Christmas.

Making baubles for the tree

You will need: to cut up some empty egg boxes so each child has one of the little ‘cups’. Some glue, glitter, coloured paper and tissue paper, bits of aluminium foil, some coloured ribbon. Felt pens.

In class: Children colour the ‘egg cup’ with felt pens and then decorate it with glitter, tissue paper balls and bits of aluminium foil. Finally, stick a loop of ribbon to the top and attach them to the class Christmas tree if you have one.

It is a good idea to write the children’s initials inside the decoration.

Now teach the children this version of the traditional rhyme Here is the tree, and the children join in with the actions.


Here is the tree

Here is the tree with leaves so green.

(Make a triangle above your head joining your hands)

Here are the baubles that hang between. (The children hold up their decoration.)

When Christmas is over the baubles with fall. (Make their decoration go down.)

Here is a box to gather them all.

(Hold out curved arm in front to make the ‘box’ and make their decoration ‘drop’ in it.)

What do you want for Christmas?

Children love speaking about what they want for Christmas and it is a great way yo revise any toy vocabulary you have taught them.  Check out Super Simple Songs’ ‘What do you want for Christmas?’  Children love singing and acting out the toys they want.

Look at: for two sets of toy flashcards.   You could either use them to revise or teach new toy vocabulary to sing in the ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ song.

Check out: for their Christmas flashcards


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