Although Easter is late this year, it has crept on us and will soon be here!  

I thought it might be helpful to add some activities you can prepare very quickly.

I really love Danielle’s site for craft projects:


Check out her Easter crafts for some great ideas:  http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/easter.html 

I have done the Jelly Bean Bunny two years running with my students from 3 to 7 years old. As jelly beans aren’t readily available where I work, we stick Danielle’s photocopiables to a paper or plastic cup. 

The children leave their finished version in class and the ‘Easter Bunny’ comes overnight and fills the cups with little chocolate eggs or wrapped sweets.  If I have any diabetic children in my class or any that are allergic to chocolate, the ‘Easter Bunny’ puts balloons or stickers in their Easter Bunny cups.

We sing  ‘The Easter Song’ from Three in a tree A or Cookie and friends A.

Tune:  Five Currant Buns

The Easter Bunny is fat, fat, fat.

His soft little hands go pat, pat, pat.

His soft little ears go flop, flop, flop.

And when he runs, he goes hop, hop, hop.

There is a lovely video on You tube.  Children enjoy counting the colourful things related to Easter like eggs, chicks, chocolate bunnies, lambs, etc.

There is also a nice story on Youtube, especially if you are going to paint eggs with your class for Easter and you want to look at colours and patterns.

Check out the Oxford University Press website for Easter activities from Pre-school through to Secondary.



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