End of term plays and concerts

If you want to do a play or concert for the end of the summer term, now is the time to start planning.

You will need to choose your play now in order to start rehearsing after the Easter break.

I have always found: http://www.storyarts.org/ to be a useful place to start when looking for stories to be dramatised.

Their section: http://www.storyarts.org/library/index.html provides a good summary of stories and fables which you can adapt and extend depending on the number of children you have to find parts for.

Check out these two articles on the British Council website for ideas for warm-up activities when you are doing drama:



Check out: http://www.proteacher.com/080010.shtml for links to other pages with drama ideas.

or http://www.kinderart.com/drama/

http://esldramagames.com/ is great for everything to do with drama from choosing a play, to making masks, to make-up.  You can also play the children videos of the stories to be dramatised.

I’m also a big fan of Sarah Phillip’s book, Drama with children, OUP.

Don’t foget that songs can make great plays for smaller children.  With a song like ‘The Wheels on the bus’, you can create many characters to ride on the bus.  You can have multiple mummies, daddies, children, grannies, granddads, students,  and obviously, the driver. 

Smaller children love doing drama for their parents and family as they can show everyone what they know in English.  Make sure you sing lots of songs they have been learning all year and feel confident with.

 Try looking for music for each of the characters, as a way of indicating when they come on, etc.  This is also useful when, like me, you teach in a situation where the children’s parents don’t understand English.  The music keeps them entertained, even when they don’t understand.

For example, after telling the children Little Red Riding Hood using the materials from http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/try/britlit/little-red-riding-hood, the children decided they wanted to do this story for their parents.  We used ‘Sugar. Honey. Honey.’ for Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf came on to Shaggy’s ‘Mr Bombastic’.  We used the Superman theme for the Woodcutter.  As we did this with the preschool, the Wolf runs away rather than being killed, so he escaped to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’.  As we had 25 children, Little Red Riding hood met lots of animals in the wood and they all sang her a song which they had learnt from their coursebook.  You get the idea!


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