It’s in the bag!

I just wanted to thank everyone who went to my talk  ‘It’s in the bag.’  (La Charla Anticrisis) for Oxford University Press here in Spain.

I know the tremendous effort it is to go after a day’s work or on a Saturday, whilst juggling work, home  and family!

So a big THANKYOU to everyone and to OUP for their great organisation.

I just wanted to share some more quick ideas of making something from nothing.

How to make a stand to hold your story cards or big books:,_stands,_and_alternatives.html

Make any kind of spinner using a paper fastener and a paper clip.

You can also Right/Wrong Paddles make for Yes/No questions.  All you need are unsharpened pencils or chop sticks and a circle of card.,_spinners,_dice,_bells,_whiteboards.html

I will try to include more things every month to make our teaching more fun, easier and cheaper!


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  1. 1

    Eva said,

    Thank´s Vanessa. I think you´re brilliant. I´ll try to apply your fantastic ideas in my english class

  2. 2

    Dear Eva,
    Many thanks for your very positive feedback. I will try to continue adding to the blog.
    All the best

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