April 16 World Voice Day

Tomorrow, April 16 is World Voice Day.

voice (1)

Although voice is very important in many jobs, to a teacher it is our main work tool.  If we lose our voice, we are like a carpenter without wood or a fisherman without nets.

I found out personally what it is like to lose my voice quite early on in my career.

I had two teaching jobs, one in a particularly noisy school and before long, I had nodules on my vocal cords.  One day my voice literally went and didn’t come back for over a month!  I had to have nearly two months off work.  After months of going to speech therapy, I actually learned how to speak in class and know how to use my voice properly.

April 16 is World Voice Day.  If you don’t look after your voice now, start tomorrow.


I try to:

  • carry a bottle of water with me
  • not work with chalk – it dries your throat out
  • chew gum – yes, it keeps the vocal cords lubricate

It is best:

  • not drink things that are too hot or too cold
  • to know the signs of when your voice is going and do something about them before you lose it!



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    I didn’t know about the World Voice Day , I always emphasize in having it but not in taking care of it , Thanks for the post

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