First day back at school


As I am preparing for the new term, I am choosing fun activities for the first few classes that help me revise language from previous years using fun activities.

Noughts and crosses or Tic-tac-toe is always a great one as I can use it with all ages and to revise all types of language.

Draw a Noughts and crosses/Tic-tac-toe grid on the board.  Number each square from 1 to 9.


With younger children, prepare nine flashcards of words you want to revise with your class.

With older children this could be more complicated:

  • a list of 9 word cards you want them to read and pronounce correctly;
  • a list of 9 words/verbs you want the children to put into a sentence;
  • a list of 9 general knowledge questions…. the list of options is endless.

Divide the class into two groups and assign O or to the two groups. The group then chooses a number and you look at your list and show them the flashcard/word card/say the word or verb/ ask them the question which corresponds to the number they chose.  If they answer correctly, they win the square for their team and you rub out the number and write O or X.  It is now the turn of the other team.  The game is just like the original game of Noughts and crosses/Tic-tac-toe.  The winning team is the first to get three in a row.

Here is a fun activity from Matt at which I am SURE my classes are going to love.

As some of you will know, I am also a registered Zumba Kids Jr and Zumba instructor and I’m even going to use this as one of my Zumba games. As I teach Zumba in English to Spanish children, I always teach them the parts of the body they will be using – head, hands, arms, legs, feet, hips and body, so will use my flashcards with body parts at first for The Tower Game.  Really looking forward to doing this one!





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    Sharita said,

    Nice and simple activities to start once again! Thanks!

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