“We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that the child is already someone today.”- Stacia Tauscher

This is just a post to make us think a little whilst we are doing our yearly planning.

At the moment, I guess like most of my fellow teachers out there, I am preparing for the new school term.  One thing I want to keep in mind this year is, are my students happy?  I know we have a curriculum to teach but we are often worrying so much about SATs exam (or the like), monthly/termly scores, etc. that we forget one important factor – happiness!

Remember what Alfred Mercier said:

Alfred Mercier

or as I often say: ‘What we learn with pleasure, we learn forever!’

I just love the line from Sir Ken Robinson’s speech ‘The Educational Revolution’ when he says:

A three year-old is not half a six year-old.

We are often so busy worrying about a child’s future, that we forget that where they are today is the most important thing.  My biggest wish is for my son to be happy here and now.  This is very easy at holiday times but it isn’t always possible in term time, usually due to homework or the ‘H’ word, as it is known in our house!

Happiness is an important part of school life or at least it should be!  If we are happy and motivated, we are usually better learners.



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