World food Day – October 16

World Food Day

October 16 is World Food Day.

Whether you are teaching 3 year-olds or 13 year-olds, Food is usually a very important topic in the ESL, EFL and ELT curriculum. World Food Day provides a great opportunity to start a topic/project on food or to at least revise food vocabulary. This year’s theme is ‘The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too’.

If your students have Internet access in school/at home, they can show solidarity to others by clicking on:


With one simple click daily they can provide food to people in need and to rescue animals.

Websites with classroom activities:

Here’s one of my food songs from Splash A.

splash a_portada

I hope you and your class like it.  It is aimed at four-year-olds but much older children like it too!



This is song has a good mix of healthy and not so healthy food revised and younger children find funny:

Halloween is very close to World Food Day, so you might like to continue the food theme with this song:





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