First week back at school

Whether the children in my class are 3 or 12, I like to start the year doing an All about me page.

We do the same again at the end of the school year and then they compare the page from the start and the end of the school year.  Children are really fascinated by how much they have grown or if their likes/dislikes have changed.

The contents of this page will depend on the age of the children.

Three-year-olds will stick a recent photo of themselves on the A4 card I give them. I draw around their hands or they do a paint handprint. The children also colour a small piece of paper their favourite colour and stick that down.  They can cut out their favourite food from supermarket leaflets.

Older children stick a picture or draw their favourite food, toy, school subject, pet, wild animal, etc.

We measure the children and they write down their height.

Children of 11/12 years old write down their favourite pop song, football player, etc.

If you don’t want to do a poster and haven’t got any limitations to the amount of photocopies you do, take a look at:

All About Me Worksheet Printable




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