Flipped Learning

Hi everyone,

I’ve been silent for the past two months as I have been travelling a lot doing teacher training for Oxford University Press Italy and Spain.

I had been wanting to do the Certification in Flipped Learning 3.0 for months but hadn’t had the time.  I have just completed Level 2 and have loved every minute.  The key is how to make the most of your face-to-face time with your students and this needs to be active learning, not passive lecture mode.  You can provide micro videos so students can view them at home, as many times as they need to, so that class time can be getting students involved, is certainly a good way of dealing with differention.  Some children may only need to watch videos once at home whilst others can watch them as many times and don’t have to sit around in class time not understanding.

Certificate Level 1Certificate Level 2

Another key point are relationships in the class and how Flipped Learning can improve teacher/student relationship as students see that you care by providing them with the learning situation which is best for them.

This is a very simple view of Flipped Learning.  I encourage all of you to at least try Level 1.


You could do this in Spanish if you feel happier.

Certificación Flipped Learning Nivel I – II y Certificación para Formadores



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