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Zumbunny gets ready for a Zumbini® Easter



Zumbunny has this year’s goodies ready!

Aswell as our normal fun Zumbini® songs from ‘Kalino finds the music’, we will be acting out and singing ‘Hop little bunnies’ before we search for Zumbunny’s goodies!

I also love “Spring is here” by the Learning Station for an Easter free song:


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April 22 Earth Day

Check out these 12 activities reviewed on:

Children love this story about Michael Recycle, the superheroe who helps towns to clean themselves up with the help of the inhabitants.


Jack Johnson has two great songs for Earth Day

The 3Rs


With my own two hands

Love this version with the teacher doing sign language.

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My Zumbini experience

I have been teaching Zumbini® since September 2018 and I have to say that I love it!

As an author of school books for very young learners, I have to say that I really love Zumbini® and the toddlers and parents in my groups are learning English through the songs and dancing.

I really hope Zumbini® takes off in Spain and I am trying my hardest to make it known.

If you don’t know what Zumbini® is, check out this video:

Just wish Zumbini® had been out when my son was little!




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International Cat Day 20 February


I cannot believe I missed celebrating International Cat Day with my students on 20 February.

Cats are great pets for children as they can easily be involved in caring for their cat.

This website has some good ideas on implicating children in caring for their cat.


Children love interesting facts.  This is a fun video with lots of information.

This is such a cute story of Pete the cat.  “Did Pete cry? Goodness no!”  Children love Pete’s song!

It’s a wonderful message for children.  Enjoy!

All my cats are rescue cats.  This is an important lesson for children also! There are so many rescue animals out there looking for a loving home.

This is Leroy who was dumped at 10 days in the car park of the hardware store, Leroy Merlin (hence the name).

This is the beautiful Fifi, who we found as a tiny kitten on the streets.  She’ll do anything to stop me working!

And 15 year-old Cookie!  She has outlived all the other cats we have ever loved and there have been many! She is the sweetest cat I have ever met!


Hope you had a great International Cat day!


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Here we are back again…

The original school rhyme goes went: “Here we are back again!  Lots of work and lots of pain!”

I like to think:  “Here we are back again!  Lots to do but lots to gain!”


Just thought I’d share this TED video I found which I find really inspiring for the new school year.



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Zumbini® to combat toddler tantrums

This is a great article about a study which has shown how long-term participation in Zumbini® classes can help reduce the amount of tantrums had by children of 5 to 60 months!

Well worth a read if your toddler is having daily melt downs or if you work with small children.

View story at

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Hi all,

I completed my Zumbini training in London in May 2018.  I have been teaching Zumba Kids in English to my Spanish students for four years.  I really love the Zumbini programme.  It is such a fantastically fun, well-prepared, educational programme aimed at caregivers and their babies.  Will be teaching Zumbini from September. Can’t wait to get started!  If you have a little one in your care, check out:, to see if there is an instructor near you.


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