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First day back at school


As I am preparing for the new term, I am choosing fun activities for the first few classes that help me revise language from previous years using fun activities.

Noughts and crosses or Tic-tac-toe is always a great one as I can use it with all ages and to revise all types of language.

Draw a Noughts and crosses/Tic-tac-toe grid on the board.  Number each square from 1 to 9.


With younger children, prepare nine flashcards of words you want to revise with your class.

With older children this could be more complicated:

  • a list of 9 word cards you want them to read and pronounce correctly;
  • a list of 9 words/verbs you want the children to put into a sentence;
  • a list of 9 general knowledge questions…. the list of options is endless.

Divide the class into two groups and assign O or to the two groups. The group then chooses a number and you look at your list and show them the flashcard/word card/say the word or verb/ ask them the question which corresponds to the number they chose.  If they answer correctly, they win the square for their team and you rub out the number and write O or X.  It is now the turn of the other team.  The game is just like the original game of Noughts and crosses/Tic-tac-toe.  The winning team is the first to get three in a row.

Here is a fun activity from Matt at which I am SURE my classes are going to love.

As some of you will know, I am also a registered Zumba Kids Jr and Zumba instructor and I’m even going to use this as one of my Zumba games. As I teach Zumba in English to Spanish children, I always teach them the parts of the body they will be using – head, hands, arms, legs, feet, hips and body, so will use my flashcards with body parts at first for The Tower Game.  Really looking forward to doing this one!





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World food Day – October 16

World Food Day

October 16 is World Food Day.

Whether you are teaching 3 year-olds or 13 year-olds, Food is usually a very important topic in the ESL, EFL and ELT curriculum. World Food Day provides a great opportunity to start a topic/project on food or to at least revise food vocabulary. This year’s theme is ‘The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too’.

If your students have Internet access in school/at home, they can show solidarity to others by clicking on:


With one simple click daily they can provide food to people in need and to rescue animals.

Websites with classroom activities:

Here’s one of my food songs from Splash A.

splash a_portada

I hope you and your class like it.  It is aimed at four-year-olds but much older children like it too!



This is song has a good mix of healthy and not so healthy food revised and younger children find funny:

Halloween is very close to World Food Day, so you might like to continue the food theme with this song:




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“We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that the child is already someone today.”- Stacia Tauscher

This just a a post to make us think a little whilst we are doing our yearly planning.

At the moment, I guess like most of my fellow teachers out there, I am preparing for the new school term.  One thing I want to keep in mind this year is, are my students happy?  I know we have a curriculum to teach but we are often worrying so much about SATs exam (or the like), monthly/termly scores, etc. that we forget one important factor – happiness!

Remember what Alfred Mercier said:

Alfred Mercier

or as I often say: ‘What we learn with pleasure, we learn forever!’

I just love the line from Sir Ken Robinson’s speech ‘The Educational Revolution’ when he says:

A three year-old is not half a six year-old.

We are often so busy worrying about a child’s future, that we forget that where they are today is the most important thing.  My biggest wish is for my son to be happy here and now.  This is very easy at holiday times but it isn’t always possible in term time, usually due to homework or the ‘H’ word, as it is known in our house!

Happiness is an important part of school life or at least it should be!  If we are happy and motivated, we are usually better learners.


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World Peace Day 21 September


We are living in violent and uncertain world but we can work on the topic of peace with the children looking at what they can do.

We talk about creating peace

  • in the classroom
  • in school
  • at home
  • then, in the world

This has to be my favourite song about peace by Jack Jones and Ben Harper.

Get the tissues ready! It really brings a tear to your eye!


I leave you with some quotes:


by Henry James (author)




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Merry Christmas

Season’s Greetings from one of my favourite cities in the World.


And here’s a funny one from Oxford University

Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas and a very happy and healthy



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Halloween 2015

Sorry I’ve been abandoning my blog of late but have a lot on.

Will be celebrating Halloween again in school.  I have been singing a song in schools for many years which I remembered from my childhood.  I couldn’t remember where it came from but could sing the tune and the words, more or less.  I hadn’t even thought of looking on Youtbe and then a colleague found it!

As you can see from the age of the video, I must have watched it on TV as a child.  Just goes to show the power of music, as I remembered the song many years later when I started teaching in Spain!

I made up the words though and hearing the original, have realised my version is easier.

In school we sing:

We’re witches of Halloween.  Woooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)

Our faces are ugly and green. Woooo! (Stand up on green.  Sit down on Wooo!)

We fly around at night. (Stand up and pretend to fly on a broomstick)

And give you such a fright! (Stay standing and hold up hands and jump forward to give a fright)

We’re witches of Halloween. Wooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)


We’re witches of Halloween.  Woooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)

Our faces are ugly and green. Woooo! (Stand up on green.  Sit down on Wooo!)

We have a pointed hat. (Hold hands above your head like a pointed hat)

And a big black cat. (Stay standing and make the four fingers on both hands into whiskers and draw fingers away from cheeks)

We’re witches of Halloween. Wooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)

We sing the song and every time the children sing the sound /iː/, as in ‘Halloween’ and ‘green’, they stand up and when they sing /uː/ in ‘Wooo!’, they sit down.  They love all the standing up, sitting down and the other actions.

An option for younger children is my Halloween song from Splash A.  Here you’ve got me acting it out with a group of teachers in Galicia, Spain.  I really ‘ham up’ the actions when I’m in class though.  I’m obviously a little more embarrassed in front of an adult audience!

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Quotes of the day

Have been up working from the early hours and found these quotes which provide food for thought.

six-year-oldteachers who love teaching


and finally …



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