Halloween 2015

Sorry I’ve been abandoning my blog of late but have a lot on.

Will be celebrating Halloween again in school.  I have been singing a song in schools for many years which I remembered from my childhood.  I couldn’t remember where it came from but could sing the tune and the words, more or less.  I hadn’t even thought of looking on Youtbe and then a colleague found it!

As you can see from the age of the video, I must have watched it on TV as a child.  Just goes to show the power of music, as I remembered the song many years later when I started teaching in Spain!

I made up the words though and hearing the original, have realised my version is easier.

In school we sing:

We’re witches of Halloween.  Woooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)

Our faces are ugly and green. Woooo! (Stand up on green.  Sit down on Wooo!)

We fly around at night. (Stand up and pretend to fly on a broomstick)

And give you such a fright! (Stay standing and hold up hands and jump forward to give a fright)

We’re witches of Halloween. Wooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)


We’re witches of Halloween.  Woooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)

Our faces are ugly and green. Woooo! (Stand up on green.  Sit down on Wooo!)

We have a pointed hat. (Hold hands above your head like a pointed hat)

And a big black cat. (Stay standing and make the four fingers on both hands into whiskers and draw fingers away from cheeks)

We’re witches of Halloween. Wooo! (Stand up on Halloween.  Sit down on Wooo!)

We sing the song and every time the children sing the sound /iː/, as in ‘Halloween’ and ‘green’, they stand up and when they sing /uː/ in ‘Wooo!’, they sit down.  They love all the standing up, sitting down and the other actions.

An option for younger children is my Halloween song from Splash A.  Here you’ve got me acting it out with a group of teachers in Galicia, Spain.  I really ‘ham up’ the actions when I’m in class though.  I’m obviously a little more embarrassed in front of an adult audience!

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Quotes of the day

Have been up working from the early hours and found these quotes which provide food for thought.

six-year-oldteachers who love teaching


and finally …



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Gabriela Mistral was born today

The Chilean author, diplomat, educator and feminist was born on this day in 1889.



children in a circle shapeimage_1You can find the translation into English on:


So get your children in a circle to sing the song and celebrate Gabriela’s life!


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Is it now safe to use Sparklebox again?

I have had many emails from teachers asking whether it is alright to use Sparklebox again.

I would say NO as it seems the owner still gets money every time we click on the website, so considering his history, I will not be funding his lifestyle. I destroyed all my materials I made from the website years ago and will not be going there again.

The only thing I can recommend are other sites:


For more free materials for work on phonics, go to:


Check out my post from a few years ago:


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Brain Breaks

With all my research into the brain and how it works in class I have been investigating the need for regular brain breaks. There is a great website with many links for brain breaks called:


You can join for free and get lots of ideas to use in your classes.

I also use a lot of songs by the Learning Station:


They are well worth paying for but preview the songs on Youtube.

Two of the children’s favourites are Body Boogie

and Get funky

Some teachers are a little worried about brain breaks as they think the children may get out of control.

Check out Bevin Reinen’s video on Youtube for some ideas to keep the children focused:




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Thought for the day

Children are not a distraction

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Something for the start of term

School starts for many of us next week both teachers and children!

Have a little laugh with this little chap!



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